A Forgotten Story – Washing

” I am a resident in Cuffley Care Home at the near age of 90 years old, but I would like to write about my early life.

I was born at 46 Russel Road, South Tottenham which was the home of my Grandma – Emily Maria Long. Grandma’s husband (his name was Albert) died at a very young age of cancer of the throat. As a widow Grandma had two young children to feed and take care of. One being my mother Laura Long and a son Albert Long. They were both young children. In those days there was no social security and Grandma had to take in washing in order to feed herself and her children. Albert suffered from fits and one morning, he had left the house to go to school and had a fit that made him fall and hit his head on the pavement and he died immediately. This just left my mother (Laura Long) and her mother. Because my Grandma had to work hard, so did my mother. Grandma had to take in washing to survive.

My mother had cousins who lived close by and she loved her uncle but unfortunately he died very young and his wife was left with a number of children, Agnes, Lucy, Stan and Dennis.

Life was very tough for her. Her mother had to take in washing in order to get money to feed her children. There was no widows allowance in those days, there was something called ‘The Poor’ but to get money for food you had to sell your furniture to survive.

My mother said her mother had to take in washing from near her and she would be up until midnight and past washing and ironing.

It makes me ashamed about things I grumble over now. How tough lives were for so many in those days.

My mother met my father – I believe they were distant relatives and he was conscripted for the army medical corp 1914/1918 war.

I believe when they first married they lived in grandma’s house, 44 Russel road, south Tottenham and we children were born there. After a while we all moved to another relatives house at Elthorne Road, Holloway, needless to say it didn’t work out and my father rented a house at 92 Middle Lane Hornsey (in those days it was called Hope Terrace). The house faces Priory Park which was lovely for me as a child to have a park and swings to play on. ”

Doris, 89. In her own words.


Sticker Planning

So i am very new to the sticker planner girl community, although i am a long time sticker lover and have always been an avid watcher of PWMs and Sticker hauls on youtube. Elle from Glamplan being my guide and guilty pleasure channel for ages.

These are things i have learned so far:

  1. I am terrible at laying down stickers
  2. Stickers are expensive
  3. Planning is time consuming
  4. Planning can be stressful!
  5. I am fussy
  6. The community is amazing – Literally everyone is a fantastic person, caring, loving and supportive and i am so grateful to have found such an outlet and group of people to vent to and seek assurance from
  7. I need to search etsy more
  8. I need to reach out more
  9. You can cover any mistake if you need to
  10. Boring things can be fun and pretty

So admittedly some of these things are superficial at best, but hey, its my planner, only i need to see it and only i need to use it, so what if i like pretty stickers, whatever motivates me to do something is a bonus!

So here are a couple images of my first attempt to a more recent spread, so you can see the slow transformation. Shout out to Sugarloop (NZ based) and Lovecloud Creative (AUS based) for the beautiful stickers! There is a lot to work on and to work out, and my style i imagine will mature, but we all have to start somewhere!


My go to makeup item

If I could only have one item it would always be the collection lasting perfection concealer in 1 fair. 

I have maybe gone through 20 of these over the years and have tried many alternatives but absolutely nothing compares! 

Nothing brightens and covers and fits my skin tone so perfectly and make my skin just look and feel flawless. 

I cannot recommend it enough, and if you have never tried it… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Go out now and get it, it’s cheap, cheerful and the stuff makeup dreams are made of! 


What I packed for lunch today.. may not seem interesting but it is essential! 

I work from 3am to 9pm 2 days a week (I work a 5 day week but these two are my longest days) and thus require a packed lunch to get me through till home time. 

So in the grand scheme of it, what I have packed might seem like nothing as it has to cover all 3 of my meals, but I quickly make up for the lack of eating on my less busy days! 

In my lunch box: 

– a cheese sandwich on gluten free seeded bread 

– a protein cereal bar 

– herb and garlic crackers 

– a green tea with lemon and ginger tea bag 

– a whole bell pepper 

– roasted unsalted almonds

As well as what’s in my box I will usually have a bottle of water, a sweet treat of some kind and several cups of normal tea to tide my over! I sometimes also opt for a bag of microwave rice on days where I pack a sandwich over a cooked meal (usually leftovers) as it’s easy to store in my bag and quick to eat. As plain and simple a sandwich never fills me up like a proper cooked meal, so I need the extra! 

The Best Things Since Sliced Bread

The very common phrase “Its the best thing since sliced bread” so i decided to culminate a list of things that are definitely the best thing since the invention of sliced bread in 1928.

  1. The Internet – like where would we be without it! Definitely not reading this that’s for sure…
  2. Birth Control Pills/ Implant – i mean without this we wouldn’t have had the swinging sixties, a liberation in women’s rights and the chance to establish ourselves as people rather than only mothers
  3. Velcro – not as useful now but as a child hands down the most important and useful substance in existence! Nobody could get their heads around that tying your laces business!
  4. Tupperware – I am not a meal planner, but i am an over cooker, and how on earth did people store things before the Tupperware container?
  5. The Mini Skirt – how odd that it took to the sixties to work out we could cut the fabric shorter..
  6. Disposable Nappies – i know that fabric nappies are back in fashion and a million times better for the environment, but honestly with the prospect of little to no sleep and a screaming child, laundry i doubt is the top of your priority list!
  7. Mobile Phone – Oh the joys of being contactable 24/7 pretty much anywhere
  8. Sun Tan Lotion – How did people manage without it? Did they just boil in the sun to hide from the rays?
  9. Monopoly – Cant even imagine a life without the 3 hour onslaught of monopoly and the inevitable 2 hour post game slump and festering anger
  10. Jet Engine – The ability to fly at monumental speeds and giving people the freedom to travel, interact and expose themselves to everything and everyone life has to offer, if that isn’t better than sliced bread i don’t know what is!



Here is the list of my current top 5 youtubers that i watch and love.

  1. Zoella – she speaks for herself, i just like to watch her vlogs, her laid back attitude, her quirkiness, her main channel videos are usually lighthearted and easy to just binge on
  2. Ayla and Caleb – A little less well known, a very cute Canadian couple dealing with infertility and they vlog about their journey to creating a family and all the ups and downs on the way. They are kind and so in love, their story is captivating.
  3. Getting There – Stacey, a to-be-mother in a wheelchair in america with her Mexican husband and their everyday life and currently preparations for the new arrival
  4. Tanya Burr – a force of nature, funny, silly and insightful. She is a big youtuber, but for good reasons
  5. Sarah Lemkus – A Kiwi vegan who makes videos about her lifestyle, how she, her husband and their young daughter live on a vegan diet. I am sure the word ‘vegan’ and ‘vegan lifestyle’ may have put you off, but coming from a fellow meat eater you can rest assured her videos aren’t pushy or judgey, they just give me some great ideas for meals and she is so personable and Beth is so cute, i am basically just hooked!