Here is the list of my current top 5 youtubers that i watch and love.

  1. Zoella – she speaks for herself, i just like to watch her vlogs, her laid back attitude, her quirkiness, her main channel videos are usually lighthearted and easy to just binge on
  2. Ayla and Caleb – A little less well known, a very cute Canadian couple dealing with infertility and they vlog about their journey to creating a family and all the ups and downs on the way. They are kind and so in love, their story is captivating.
  3. Getting There – Stacey, a to-be-mother in a wheelchair in america with her Mexican husband and their everyday life and currently preparations for the new arrival
  4. Tanya Burr – a force of nature, funny, silly and insightful. She is a big youtuber, but for good reasons
  5. Sarah Lemkus – A Kiwi vegan who makes videos about her lifestyle, how she, her husband and their young daughter live on a vegan diet. I am sure the word ‘vegan’ and ‘vegan lifestyle’ may have put you off, but coming from a fellow meat eater you can rest assured her videos aren’t pushy or judgey, they just give me some great ideas for meals and she is so personable and Beth is so cute, i am basically just hooked!

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