Life plan

I once read that “nothing will ruin your 20s more than thinking you should have your life together” and i guess that is true. I spend a large portion of my day thinking that i am getting old and that i am running out of time and that i need to work out my career, my life, my future. But i guess in reality, each day IS my life and IS my future and if i plan one day at a time, just those pesky 24 hours ahead of me, and thoroughly enjoy them when they come, in 20 years when i am 42 will i really regret not having a plan? I sort of don’t think i will. Even if i am still working some dead end job and trudging in the grand scheme of my ‘potential’ if i am still enjoying those 24 hours i planned, is that really the worst life i could have?

I guess its important to have an aim, a dream, a goal to work towards, but i also think a lack of one doesn’t have to be a point of anxiety.

And this year i suppose my goal, for a change, isn’t going to be to get organised and plan my life, instead its going to be ‘worry less, live more’


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