Festive-less festivities

So this past Christmas marked my first ‘hot’ festive season, and here is my review.

A hot Christmas, quite frankly, is rubbish. Which coming form a self-confessed Christmas fiend is a pretty harsh statement. I had my decorations and lights up on the 25th November ready to welcome the advent month in… and what a disappointment that would be.

There are a lack of festive lights, open warm fires, street markets with sausages and chestnuts, the radio isn’t filled to the brim with Christmasy songs, it is impossible to find any festive clothing (be it even a Christmas themed t-shirt!) and most heartbreaking of all a lack of family and friends. Although even a cold Christmas away from them would be off so i cant blame the heat for that.

We attended ‘A Very Welly Christmas’ in late December, which i must say was the most disappointing experience ever. The ice rink was no larger than 2 double beds put together, and contained no ice whatsoever. They food options consisted of one Churro stall, a Chinese and a Thai stall, a distinct lack of German sausage and hog roast. There were still no lights to be seen at all, the music option was on one stall and consisted of jazz covers of carols, which was pretty good and made the only impression of the event.

On actual Christmas day the streets were packed, there were people in the parks playing ball and people lounging on the beach. Which i guess i wouldn’t have minded quite as much if it hadn’t been a mere 16c and overcast. The television options were poor, a Kylie special where she mostly sang her own hits dressed as a fairy.

The usual Christmas treats were far and few between, no nibbles of pretzels and cured meats, no boxes of roses and heroes, no horrible sprouts to push around the plate and no beloved yule log to stuff yourself to inconceivable fullness.

Bah Humbug!



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