A bit about me

So i feel like some context is needed, like… Who am i?  Where am i? How did i get here?

You know the usual.


I am a 22 year old Londoner, born and raised, who is currently living in Wellington NZ. I am on the classic post university ‘find myself’ journey, just i was too scared to go alone, and am much too scared to actually find myself. So instead i opted for a nice little working holiday to ease me into the travelers lifestyle.

Needless to say i have a suitcase, not a backpack.

I love history, politics, motivational quotes and unimaginatively beautiful views, which i am sure will be popping up every now and again here. And is one of the reasons i have traveled to the other side of the world, a country with a rich story telling history and picturesque scenery, need i say more on the appeal.

I currently do not have a plan for what this space will be used for but after many many years of dreary and largely depressing tumblr posts i thought it was about time i take a more positive and real approach to my life. And i thought a clean slate was better than the ramblings of a 16 year old girl being my starting point. So i guess i will be filling it with thoughts, feelings, experiences and reviews.


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